About Kernow Vitality
About Kernow Vitality

About me & Kernow Vitality

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Tell us a little more about you and Kernow Vitality?

My role as a vitamin injection practitioner is to improve the health and wellness of my clients
I am a NMC registered nurse with over 13 years’ experience and fully insured
I started Kernow Vitality in 2022 after witnessing the benefits of vitamin injections
I offer a friendly, flexible & professional approach


About Me and Kernow Vitality

My Family & Me

Hi, Im Kirsty, founder of Kernow Vitality. I have lived in Cornwall for most of my life. I met my husband whilst at university and we now have 4 children together. Ada who was born in 2015, Apollo 2017, Atlas 2019 and to complete our family Alia came along in 2022. I love spending time at the beach, spending time at home and prefer the simpler things in life.


Starting Kernow Vitality

Whilst on maternity leave with my daughter Alia, I was thinking of more ways of making my life more flexible with soon to be 4 young children. I spent the summer researching how I could utilise my nursing skills to start my own business. In October 2022, I contacted The Growth Hub for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly for support on how to start up my own business. I completed additional vitamin B12 training with Pure Beauty Training and on the 3rd November 2022 I launched Kernow Vitality.


Team Members

Richard Higgins and Vicki Bartlett completed their vitamin training in August 2023. They are able to offer B12, B-complex, Biotin, Vitamin C and Vitamin D injections. Richard and Vicki are both registered nurses. Richard’s background is in mental health nursing, he has worked for the NHS since 1999 and currently works full time as a research nurse. Vicki has been a qualified nurse for 13 years and works full time in the community.




Vitamin B12

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Vitamin C

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Frequently Asked Questions

I administer a non-prescription B12 called Methylcobalamin which is used to enhance & improve an individual’s heath & wellbeing.

No, the body absorbs what it needs & the excess is excreted out of the body naturally.

No blood test is required. As I am treating you for your well-being I use your symptoms as a guide. If I feel that you need treatment I would advise for you to contact your GP.

I recommend to have a loading course. One injection a week for 4 weeks & then 4-6 weekly injections. Most clients feel when the vitamin wears off around 4-6 weeks after, although every individual is different.

The B12 injection is administered into the deltoid muscle (upper arm). B-Complex, Biotin & Vitamin C can be administered into the gluteus medius muscle (upper outer quadrant of the glute) or the deltoid muscle.

Tablet form can be effective however only between 10-26% is absorbed once the supplement is broken down by the digestive process. The injection absorption is between 85-95%.

The actual injection takes less than a minute. The initial visit usually takes 45 minutes- this includes answering any questions you may have & completing the consultation & consent form. Thereafter, visits are usually 20 minutes long.

Patient Reviews

Alaina M - Facebook

Kirsty has been amazing. I have had a course of B12 injections and feel so much better for it. More energy, clarity, productivity to name a few. She has given me a much needed boost. Thank you so much. Highly recommend!

Vicki B - Facebook

My husband and I have had our first course of B12 injections recently from Kirsty and we can really notice the results. For me, my nails are so much stronger!! and for my husband he has really noticed the improvement of circulation in his hands along with energy levels especially around this busy time of year! Kirsty is so professional/lovely and answers any questions. 100% recommended

Fordy - Facebook

I have recently started having vitamin B12 injectons with Kirsty and am already seeing vast improvements. I am currently recovering from Long Covid and after 3 weeks of injections have a great reductionsin symptoms, including much more energy. Highly recommend.